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Education in MMRC

MMRC is the only research institution in Japan where comprehensive studies on fungal infectious disease and fungal pathogenesis are conducted, including immunology, bioinformatics, genomic drug discovery and clinical research. In light of our basis of medical mycology research, we are currently aiming at expanding our scope toward infectious disease control, innate immunity, microbial infection, and microbiota. Simultaneously, though MMRC has long been served as a central research platform for promoting studies of fungal diseases, we have also devoted our effort for developing collaborative studies with the researchers, such as immunologist, cell biologist, molecular biologist, structural biologist, biochemist, and clinical scientist in various institutions. Thus, we will offer stimulating diverse environments for students and young scientists to gain systematic and innovative research experiences.

How to join MMRC…

Faculty members of MMRC are affiliated with Graduate School of Medicine, Chiba University. If you would like to join MMRC as graduate student, please don’t hesitate to contact our faculty members. See here.

Social activities

BioResource Projects: Consultation in infection and environmental pollutions by pathogenic and environmental fungi and actinomycetes. Collections, storage, and distribution of pathogenic fungi and actinomycetes.

Collaborative Research with Tropical Medicine Institute, Nagasaki University: "Collections, and morphological, physiological and molecular biological analysis of human pathogenic fungi and actinomycetes in tropical regions including Africa and Vietnam."