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Historical Chart

1946 The Institute of Food-Microbiology Chiba Medical College was established.
1949 The Institute of Food-Microbiology was incorporated into the Chiba University.
1973 The Institute was reorganized to the Research Institute for Chemobiodynamics.
1977 The new building of the institute was built at 1-8-1 Inohana, Chiba-City.
1987 The Institute was reorganized to the Research Center for Pathogenic Fungi and Microbial Toxicoses and became Nationwide Joint-use Facility.
1990 Division of Mechanisms of Biological Responses was newly founded.
1997 The center was reorganized to the Medical Mycology Research Center.
2001 Division of Fungal Resources & Development was newly founded.
2004 The Center was transformed into the National University Corporation.
2010 The Center was reorganized into 1 department including 4 research divisions.
2010 The Center was certified for Joint Usage/Research Center (5 years).
  • Institute of Food-Microbiology photoInstitute of Food-Microbiology
  • Research Institute for Chemobiodynamics photoResearch Institute for Chemobiodynamics
  • Medical Mycology Research Center photoMedical Mycology Research Center

Successive Directors

Institute of Food-Microbiology(1946~1973)

1946~1957 Keizi Koike
1957~1963 Kazuyoshi Aiso
1963~1966 Komei Miyagi
1966~1969 Kazuyoshi Aiso
1969~1973 Komei Miyagi

Research Institute for Chemobiodynamics (1973~1987)

1973~1974 Komei Miyagi
1974~1974 Kazuyoshi Aiso
1974~1978 Tadashi Arai
1978~1982 Tetsuro Kuga
1982~1986 Tadashi Arai
1986~1987 Tetsuro Kuga

Research Center for Pathogenic Fungi and Microbial Toxicoses (1987~1997)

1987~1991 Makoto Miyaji
1981~1993 Kiyoshi Terao
1993~1997 Makoto Miyaji

Medical Mycology Research Center (1997~)

1997~1999 Makoto Miyaji
1999~2005 Kazuko Nishimura
2005~2009 Yuzuru Mikami
2009~2013 Akio Nomoto
2013~ Chihiro Sasakawa